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Offer Premier Plans to Your Employees

Small businesses have plenty to worry about. Don’t add medical care to the list. Leave that to us. At American Care we offer you nine medical centers and a team of medical professionals to keep your employees healthy. If you are not able to offer them benefits, imagine how happy they will be when they find out they can see a physician, get medications, lab work and diagnostics like x-rays and ultrasounds. They will have fewer sick days, it makes you a more competitive employer, and keeping employees healthy will reduce Workers Compensation claims over time and reduce your costs. All this for a cost to you of just $3.50/week/employee.

The Employer pays $15/month and the Employee matches $15/month for a total monthly payment of $30. Automatic Payroll Deductions can be set up. Call 1.866.600.3222 for more information.

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